Digital and Database Marketing Tool

Leonards Live is a simple, online module based system that manages your multiple databases, digital and email marketing, events and campaign management.


Cloud Based Solution

Leonards Live brings together the features of digital & database marketing into one, simple and easy to use cloud-based system.
Watch and track the activity of all your databases, manage their performance and contribution each one brings to your business.
Leads from your digital marketing are automatically assigned to your relevant database with analytics applied to position them along the Advocacy Cycle in the Campaign Module.


Track and Analyse

Track and analyse the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimisation efforts against your competitors and increase your website ranking. See how your website is performing against your keyword search, adwords and display campaigns vs your paid and social media efforts. Track your daily visits and website traffic against other websites and using the SEO report data, streamline your marketing spend to where it generates the most return.


Add and Search Data

Add new contacts individually or from large databases into one or multiple databases.
Detailed contact information and communication history is easily accessible. Individual contact history, notes, marketing activity, position on the Purchase Cycle and any other information you need.
Easy to use Search functions across multiple data fields with a simple data Download feature.

Individual Record History

Leonards Live automatically updates each contact within a database profile via each activity with a detailed history.

Individual ‘notes’ and ‘next contact’ fields for each person keeps track of your data and relationships.

Live and Interactive

Maintain multiple databases, with each contact flagged according to its profile.
Leonards Live uses a live dashboard to show your database analytics at a glance.

Your databases are automatically updated every time you communicate with them by emails, digital marketing, landing pages or events.
See which contacts are active, who is across multiple databases, the best time to send emails and even the potential revenue a database will generate.


Set and Send

Leonards Live will design and set up your standard email templates.
Simply select the template you want to use, insert your copy and images, select your database and send!
The communication history and any updates are automatically updated for each contact record in your databases.


RSVP’s & Attendance

Invite contacts from your databases to attend your Events and Conferences.
Their RSVP’s are automatically tracked and recorded in the Events Module.
The Leonards Live cloud-based system lets your team record attendance on the day using any mobile device.
Leonards Live automatically sends “Thank You” emails to attendees and “Sorry You Couldn’t Make It” emails to non-attendees.
All contact communication history is automatically crossed referenced with all your databases.

Campaign Manager

Detailed Reporting

Track all your marketing communication activity via the Campaign Manager module.
Live, detailed reporting on your marketing activity results, with breakdowns and insights that help you get the most Return On  your Investment.

Features and Benefits

  • Single annual fee per company
  • Customised email template designs
  • Part of your team
  • As many users as you need
  • Customised security level access
  • Personalised set up
  • Flexible to change with your needs
  • Help Desk support


Simple to Account

Annual Subscription $5,000

Additional Templates $500

Additional Modules $500

About Us

With a ever-changing media landscape, Leonards is moving with the times and has built internal capacity to manage campaigns across all media channels. With nearly 30 staff employed by the agency, Leonards has expertise in:

  • Multi-media buying
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Audience and strategic research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Acquisition & database marketing
  • Strategic communication plans
  • Brand development
  • Creative and graphic design
  • Website development

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